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eBay *** NEW 8/13/19 - Just Added! 25 new SOUR flavorsSour Apple Sour BananaSour Black Cherry Sour Blackberry Sour Blueberry Sour CherrySour CranberrySour Grape Sour Green AppleSour KiwiSour LemonSour Lemon LimeSour LimeSour MangoSour NectarineSour Orange Sour PeachSour PearSour PineappleSour Plum Sour PomegranateSour Strawberry Sour Strawberry KiwiSour Watermelon Sour Wild CherryEBAY NOW ALLOWS US TO SORT ALPHABETICALLY!!! YEA EBAY! For Capella Flavors look under Capella.Full flavor descriptions are below.BUY 10 BOTTLES PAY ONLY $4.99 PER BOTTLE HERE - HEREBUY 25 BOTTLES PAY ONLY $4.79 PER BOTTLE HERE - HEREWhen ordering multiple flavors PLEASE add all bottles to your cart and checkout all at one time. This reduces the Paypal fees and allows us to continue to offer FREE SHIPPING!Also available in 10ml 50ml and 120ml sizes! Please check our other listings!Check our Ebay store for 10, 25, and 100 packs!Check our recent feedback below! Our customers love our flavors! We're so confident in our product WE MAKE ZERO PROFIT on our 10ml bottle size! We know once you try our product YOU WILL BE BACK FOR MORE! Compare us to other "leading" brands...our product is simply better. Better flavor, better bottle, easier ordering AND faster (FREE) shipping!Our concentrated food flavorings can be used in any food making operation ie. baking, candy making, drinks or even coffee. Our flavors are 100% MADE IN THE USA from various sources such as The Flavor Apprentice. If you have a question about as specific flavor please send us a message.We are NEVER out of a specific flavor! If this auction shows us out of stock please send us a message. Due to Ebay listing restrictions we can only have a certain QTY listed at any given time. We have them all in large quantities! No order too big!CREATE YOUR OWN FLAVOR! Want two of our flavors combined in the same bottle 50/50? Just add a note to your order and we can make your own custom flavor!If you would like ingredient information that can be found on our website by visiting the product page for any of our flavors. Please note that our product images are an approximate color of the product. There may be some variation of the liquid color.Shipping is 100% fast and FREE via USPS Mail. Please message us with any questions prior to ordering!FLAVOR DESCRIPTIONS Absinthe Take in the herbal-y black licorice-like taste of our Absinthe RockinDrops. Add these yummy drops to everything from gellato to pudding - we will never judge.  Amaretto Smooth hints of apricot and almonds careess your tastebuds in sweet ecstacy with every drop of our RockinDrops flavor drops. Bring this flavor to your culinary creations for an upscale taste in everything from cake icing to marinades. Apple Pluck your own happiness with the harvest-fresh taste of our apple RockinDrops. Ideal for the apple lover within (and for keeping the doctor at bay), these drops are filled with fruity fun for baked goods, candies, and more. Apple Candy Creamy candy meets harvest-fresh apple goodness with a touch of cinnamon in our apple candy RockinDrops. Who said fruit and candy can't be in the same food group? Apple Pie Nothing's more American than apple pie, and now you can enjoy the taste you crave in our RockinDrops Apple Pie flavor drops. An orchard-fresh yumminess hits your taste buds with an explosion of cinnamony, apple-y flavor mingled with hints of buttery crust and brown sugar strudel topping. Apricot Enjoy the juicy fresh twang of apricot at whim with our super fruit apricot RockinDrops. These enticing drops put orchard flavor within easy reach in a portable format you can take with you wherever you go. Banana Cream We didn’t monkey around when we made our Banana Cream RockinDrops flavor drops. Each drop features a blast of sweet, ripe banana floating on a bed of dreamy vanilla pudding and fresh whipped cream to conjure up images of banana cream pie just like Grandma used to make.  Banana Nut Bread Is that fresh banana nut bread baking in the oven, or is it our banana nut bread RockinDrops? If the homestyle goodness of butter, brown sugar, bananas, and walnuts suits your fancy, you've found it in these lavish flavor drops. Bananas Foster Skip the gourmet restaurant and enjoy our Bananas Foster RockinDrops instead. Mouth-watering bananas fuse with hand-churned vanilla bean ice cream with hints of banana liqueur, dark rum, dark brown sugar, and cinnamon to get your taste buds wagging. Bavarian Cream Send your taste buds on an escapade into a dreamy place where rich whipped cream is beaten fresh with the finest vanilla. Our Bavarian cream RockinDrops are as close to heaven as you can get as a mere mortal. Berry Cereal Release your inner kiddie with out berry cereal RockinDrops. Designed to transport you back to Saturday mornings spent with a bowl of cereal and cartoons, these drops feature a bold berry taste, minus the crunch and the fights over the remote control. Bittersweet Extra Send your chocolate meter into overdrive with our bittersweet extra RockinDrops. Brimming with dark chocolate flavor, these drops fuel your chocolate fantasy with intense flavor that just won't stop. Black Cherry Nothing quite beats black cherries plucked fresh from the tree. Our black cherry RockinDrops are dripping with ripe, rich flavor to bring a taste explosion to your tongue. Black Sesame Seed Let the healthy taste of sweet, nutty black sesame seed dance on your tongue when you add a drop or two of our black sesame seed RockinDrops flavor drops to your dishes. This popular Asian delicacy is perfect for subtly sweet desserts and drinks. Black Tea Anytime is tea time when you're using our black tea RockinDrops flavor drops. Each drop contains bold, robust tea flavor to send your senses on a flavor-packed sojourn.  Black Walnut You'll go nuts for our black walnut RockinDrops. Mildly bitter and aromatic, these black walnut drops bring a vintage taste to your baked goods to conjure up images of Christmases of yesteryear and cracking nuts in front of a roaring fire. Blackberry Blackberries straight from the field, tart and slightly sweet - that's the inspiration behind our blackberry RockinDrops flavor drops. This intense drops will leave your tongue berry, berry happy. Blueberry Candy Drench your taste buds in bold blueberry flavor melded with cream, sugar, and vanilla with our blueberry candy RockinDrops flavor drops. Indulge in the fresh-plucked flavor without the guilt. Blueberry Extra Blueberry goes intense with our blueberry extra RockinDrops. Wave after wave of bold blueberry sweetness hits your tongue like a rocket, catapulting you into a bliss-filled state. Boysenberry The tang of raspberry blends with the sweet tartness of blackberry in our boysenberry RockinDrops. Berry goodness in bottled format for you to enjoy year round - what will we think of next? Brandy Experience the citrusy zest of your favorite brandy without the intoxiating side effects with our brandy RockinDrops flavor drops. Use it for eloquent sauces and sassy souffles. Brown Sugar Delve into a brown sugar fantasy with our brown sugar RockinDrops. Each drop features the sugary goodness you crave to satisfy any sweet tooth. Go ahead, indulge. Bubblegum Delight in the sweet, sugary taste of childhood when you add a couple drops of Bubblegum flavored RockinDrops flavor drops to your sweet concoctions. Swirl a few drops into icing, candy, or hot cocoa for a fun twist of an old childhood favorite. Butterscotch Indulge in mouthwatering bliss with the rich, buttery flavor of Butterscotch RockinDrops flavor drops. Add a drop or two to your hot drinks or sweet desserts for a decadent taste of creamy nostalgia. Candy Cane Who says you have to wait for Christmas to enjoy the sweet, peppermint flavor of candy cane? Our Candy Cane RockinDrops flavored drops give you the refreshing peppermint flavor you crave, without the sticky red and white stripes. Add to cookies, brownies, fudge, chocolate cake, hot cocoa or coffee for a seasonal taste any time of year. Cantaloupe Keep the good vibes of summer going year round with our cantaloupe RockinDrops. These drops feature the juicy goodness of melon, minus the seeds and the need for a knife. You can thank us later. Cappucino Get the coffee shop flavor you love without waiting in line with our cappucino RockinDrops flavor drops. Add a little or a lot to enjoy the rich, smoothy taste in nearly any food or drink. Caramel Picture rich chunks of caramel melted with real butter over a low fire and you've found the inspiration behind our caramel RockinDrops flavor drops. Warning: oohs and aahs ahead. Caramel Candy Enjoy the sweet, delectable taste of caramel candy without getting it stuck to your teeth when you use our Caramel Candy RockinDrops flavored drops. Just a single drop or two gives you that sweet confectionary flavor you so crave. Add it to your coffee, cocoa, fudge, or other sweet treats. Caramel Cappucino Creamy caramel collides with decadent cappucino in a cloud of bliss. Our caramel cappucino RockinDrops flavor drops leaves your mouth begging for an encore.  Chai Tea Do it hipster style with Chai tea RockinDrops flavor drops in your favorite foods and drinks. Each drop contains the bold tea flavor you love, minus the wait for the kettle. Win win. Champagne Celebrate every occasion with our champagne RockinFlavor drops. Although they won't bubble and fizz, they will make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside, and that has to count for something, right? Cheesecake A cloudy mound of cheesecake resting on a crust of graham crackers provides the inspiration for our cheesecake RockinDrops. These flavor drops feature hints of real cream cheese merged with a touch of vanilla and a burst of sugared grahams. Cherry Ripe and rich, our cherry RockinDrops give you the sweet yet sour twang that you've grown to love, all in a bottled format for enjoying at will. Add robust cherry flavor to everything from fruit glazes to frozen yogurt. Cherry Blossom Savor the sweet taste of springtime with our delicious cherry blossom RockinDrops flavor drops. Add a drop or two to sweet desserts or warm drinks to create the perfect blend of springtime flavors. Chocolate As any chocoholic knows, chocolate's not a flavor - it's a way of life. Our chocolate RockinDrops puts chocolate panache into everything you make, so you can live your chocolate dreams out uninhibited. Chocolate Hazelnut Fuel your chocolate hazelnut obsession with our Chocolate Hazelnut RockinDrops. Creamy milk chocolate unites with earthy hazelnut in this dreamy concoction that’s simply too good to share. Go ahead – go nuts! Cinnamon Bring fire to desserts, drinks, and more with our cinnamon RockinDrops. Fresh cinnamon grated fresh from the stick gave us the inspiration for these versatile flavor drops. Cinnamon Danish The buttery goodness of homebaked danishes collides with a rush of cinnamon and powder-sugar icing in our RockinDrops flavor drops. Indulge guilt free, we won't say a word. Cinnamon Firehots Is it hot in here, or is it just us? Recall the fiery sweetness of your favorite childhood candy with these Cinnamon Firehots RockinDrops. A bold rush of cinnamon is tamed by the sweetness of sugar in these tempting drops that add a little fire to every culinary creation.  Citrus Soda Pop the top on our Citrus Soda RockinDrops and enjoy the crisp citrus taste you crave in everything from fudge to hard candy. Every little drop is loaded with the same fizzy taste you enjoy, minus the bulky aluminum can and trip to the recycling bin. Clove Tantalize your taste buds with the spiciness of clove RockinDrops flavor drops. Warm spicy clove adds the perfect fall flavor to your favorite hot drinks and sweet dessert dishes. Coconut It's always 5 o'clock somewhere when our coconut RockinDrops are around. These scandalously delicious flavor drops lend mouthwatering coconut flavor to iced drinks, flavored coffees, candy, and more. Coffee You can have our coffee RockinDrops flavor drops when you pry them from our cold, dead hands. Just joking - we made plenty and we're ready to share their bold whole-bean coffee taste with the world.  Cola Fuel up and get down with our cola RockinDrops flavor drops. That same rich, sweet cola taste you crave hits your tastebuds like an explosion with every single use.  Cotton Candy Don’t wait for the county fair to experience the addicting taste of spun sugar. Float away on a cloud of sweetness when you use our Cotton Candy RockinDrops to create dreamy desserts and candies.  Cranberry New England cranberries harvested at the peak of perfection and bottled into tiny drops of magical goodness. Tart yet sweet, these cranberry RockinDrops turns any concoction into cranberry heaven. Cran-Raspberry The crispness of cranberries collides with the tartness of raspberries for an implosion that sets your tongue wagging. Our cran-raspberry RockinDrops puts a punch in your gelato and kick into your marinade. Cream Soda Bring the throwback taste of the soda fountain to your tastebuds with our cream soda RockinDrops flavor drops. Dreamy vanilla meets rich cream in a union that is nothing short of phenomenal.  Crème de Menthe Cool down and chill out with our crème de menthe RockinDrops. An icy blast for the tastebuds, each drop is brimming with peppermint and Corsican mint flavor. Oh my yum! Double Chocolate When one dose of chocolate is not enough, we present to you our double chocolate RockinDrops, loaded with creamy, dreamy, milk-chocolatey goodness. We fully expect fireworks to burst overhead and waves of applause to ensue. Double Dark Chocolate If you prefer your chocolate dark and mysterious, then our double dark chocolate RockinDrops are your official soulmate. These lavish drops make everything from drinks to fudge extra chocolatey and delicious with a bold blast of premium, dark chocolate. Earl Grey Tea You don't have to live across the pond to enjoy a "spot or two" of our Earl Grey tea RockinDrops. Robust Earl Grey flavor comes through in each little drop, infusing your food or drinks with definitive English fervor. Egg Nog Why wait till everyone's tipsy at the Christmas party to enjoy the rich, creamy taste of egg nog? Our egg nog RockinDrops feature a blast of cinnamon and nutmeg swimming in rich cream and milk to get you in a festive mood year round. English Toffee There's no need to lose your fillings to enjoy English toffee -- simply add a drop or two of English Toffee RockinDrops flavored drops to your favorite sweet treat to get a mouthful of the delectable flavor you love. Add to brownies, fudge, coffee, or cocoa to kick their flavors up a notch and tantalize your taste buds. Espresso Wake up your senses with our espresso RockinDrops. These drops have a rich mocha taste to get your taste buds running on all eight cylinders. French Vanilla Creamy vanilla floating in a blissful cloud and bottled to perfection. Our French vanilla RockinDrops have the rich vanilla taste that dreams are made of, all in a portable format you can indulge in from anywhere. No passport required. Fruit Circles Follow your nose, it always knows, right? Your favorite breakfast cereal becomes the inspiration for our Fruit Circles RockinDrops, a fruity concoction that infuses cereal-y goodness and fruit-a-licious yumminess into every drop.  Fudge Brownie If it were possible to bottle the ooey-gooey taste of freshly baked brownies straight from the oven, then you'd find it in our fudge brownie RockinDrops. Fudge meets buttery goodness for a taste that's as close to home-baked as you can get in liquid form. Ginger Ale Combine the sparkle of ale with the fire of ginger and you've got our RockinDrops ginger ale flavor drops. These hypnotic drops let you add the flavors you crave to everything from frosting to hard candy. Gingerbread Don't wait for the holidays to treat your taste buds to our gingerbread RockinDrops. We bottled the zestiness of ginger, the snap of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the richness of butter into tiny little drops that let you make merry year round. Graham Cracker The simplicity of a graham cracker in bliss-filled drop form. That's our graham cracker RockinDrops, tiny little drops of comfort for your tongue with hints of honey, cinnamon and butter to make your taste buds sit up and take notice. Granny Smith Apple Enjoy the naturally tart and mildly sweet taste of green apples with our granny smith RockinDrops flavor drops. They give cake batters and pie fillings a picked-from-the-tree tanginess. Grape Candy Get your grape candy fix anytime with our grape candy RockinDrops. Sugary sweet candy meshes with the vine-ripened grape flavor you crave to keep your sweet tooth under wraps. Grape Juice Our Grape Juice RockinDrops are like a mini juice box for your tastebuds. Each drop has a powerfully juicy grape flavor that blurs the lines between tangy, tart, and sweet.  Green Apple Sweet unites with sour in our Green Apple RockinDrops flavor drops. Experience the yumminess of apple with a slightly sour twang that’s destined to make you pucker just a little.  Green Energy Drink Inject a little energy into your culinary masterpieces with our Green Energy Drink RockinFlavor drops. These monstrously delicious drops feature that addictive taste you crave in an exciting form you can enjoy in smoothies, drinks, candy, and more.  Green Tea Take your green tea addiction to a yummy new level with our green tea RockinDrops. Just a drop or two transports you to your happy spot, whether you're making a yummy smoothie for breakfast or a refreshing gelato for dessert. Gummi Bear Add the fruity taste of childhood to your desserts when you use our Gummi Bear RockinDrops flavored drops. Just a couple drops to your dishes is enough to tantalize your taste buds and send you swimming back to days of yore in sweet nostalgic bliss. Havana Savor the smoky flavor of Havana RockinDrops when you add a drop or two to your recipes. Rich, smoky decadence dances and swirls on your tongue, kicking your meals up to a whole new level. Hazelnut Drive your taste buds nuts with our hazelnut RockinDrops. Each bliss-filled drop features the earthy rich hazelnut taste you love, minus the shell and the need for a nutcracker. You can thank us later. Honey Everyone's buzzing about our honey RockinDrops flavor drops. Our bees worked overtime to bring you the rich honey taste you love in convenient drop form for everything from fudge to smoothies. Horehound Sweet with a bitter, earthy twang, our horehound RockinDrops flavor drops bring you back to the vintage candy stores of yesteryear. A couple of drops and you'll envision days spent with your face pressed up to the glass, eyeing the latest sweet confection to catch your eye. HPNOTIQAL Infuse your food with the tropical fruit juiciness of our HPNOTIQAL RockinDrops. Cognac and vodka optional, and BYOB (bring your own bikini). Huckleberry You don't have to have a split personality to enjoy the tart sweetness of our huckleberry RockinDrops. Our drops combine the sass of raspberries with the sweet twang of blueberries for a taste that adds a distinct edge to marinades, glazes, spreads, and more. Irish Cream Add a warm, nutty vanilla taste to baked goodies and frosting with our Irish Cream RockinDrops flavor drops. This creme liqueur flavored concoction deliciously captures a centuries old Irish tradition. Island Punch Enjoy a flavor medley of succulent fruits with our island punch RockinDrops flavor drops. Fresh lemonade, orange and cherry juices are combined with smooth, tangy sherbet to create a mouthwatering taste no kid or adult can resist. Jamaican Rum We know more than a "ting or two" about Jamaica, man. Our Jamaican rum RockinDrops give you the crisp, earthy flavor of rum with hints of honey and lemon in a flavor so authentic, you can almost feel the sea breeze hitting the sand. Fruit Flavored Gum Remember that sweet, blissful taste as you sank your teeth into a fresh stick of fruit flavored gum as a kid? So do we. Now you can enjoy that delectable juiciness in your drinks or dessert dishes just by adding a couple drops of fruit flavored gum RockinDrops flavored drops to your concoctions. Juicy Peach Our juicy peach RockinDrops have that plucked-from-the-orchard taste you just can't resist. Use them in marinades, sauces, desserts, and more to add a summery peach touch to every dish. Kentucky Bourbon You'd think our Kentucky bourbon RockinDrops were aged in oak barrels just like the real thing. Enjoy the taste of this iconic bourbon without the alcoholic side effects in everything from marinades to batter. Key Lime Lend bold key lime flavor to everything from frozen yogurt to pie filling with our key lime RockinDrops flavor drops. The smooth, crisp taste of key lime entices every taste bud, creating a summery explosion of goodness in your mouth. Kiwi Bring the sweet tartness of kiwi to everything from sauces to desserts with our kiwi RockinDrops flavor drops. The vine-ripe taste creates a flavor explosion on your tongue and sends your taste buds running for more. Kona Coffee Enjoy the high-dollar flavor of Kona coffee on your 9-5 salary with our Kona coffee RockinDrops. These drops embody the taste of the islands that put Kona on the map. Lemon Pucker up and give in to your lemon urges with our lemon RockinDrops flavor drops. Sour and tart, our drops promise to make you grimace as your taste buds explode in lemony pleasure. Movie at 11. Lemon Lime Infuse any culinary creation with a tangy burst of lemon lime with these lemon lime RockinDrops. Tart and tangy, these citrus-infused flavor drops give you access to a mini orchard, ripe for the plucking. Licorice Close your eyes and savor the deep, rich flavor of black licorice when you add just a couple drops of Licorice RockinDrops flavored drops to your desserts or hot beverages. Let the nostalgic taste of black licorice bedazzle you as it swirls through your senses. Lime Experience the tartness of lime in your favorite foods with our RockinDrops lime flavor drops. Dress up a tired recipe with bold flavor, or make your own frozen yogurt with a tart touch of lime. Malted Milk You don’t have to be a soda jerk to appreciate the rich malted flavor of our malted milk RockinDrops. Malt melds with milk chocolate for the ultimate throwback taste. Mango Take your tongue on a tropical sojourn through the depths of juiciness with our mango RockinDrops. These tempting drops add a sweet kick to sauces and a bold and robust touch to marinades, gelatos, and other foods. Maple Syrup Remember that lava explosion of maple syrup drizzling down the sides of grandma's pancake stacks? Relive that moment with our maple syrup RockinDrops. They're like having your own personal maple syrup tap on hand, only you can carry it in your purse and use it at will. Maraschino Cherry Tantalize your taste buds with the sweet, syrupy taste of Maraschino cherries. Add a drop of our Maraschino Cherry RockinDrops flavored drops to your sweet recipes such as fudge, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies to create a delicious blend of chocolate and cherry, or add a drop or two to your hot cocoa for a new twist to an old favorite drink. Marshmallow Ooey-gooey marshmallow flavor creates a dreamy sensation with every drop. Marshmallow RockinDrops brings the sweet yumminess of your favorite childhood treat to drinks, smoothies, candies, and more. Menthol Ice, ice, baby! Chill out with our Menthol RockinDrops flavor drops. Just a drop or two adds a cool menthol touch to fudge, hard candy and more.  Milk Chocolate Dive into a bliss-filled world of creamy, dreamy milk chocolate with our milk chocolate RockinDrops. Milky cocoa meets cream in a flavor explosion no chocoholic can resist. Mint Chocolate Chip Sweet chocolate chip flavor floating in a sea of minty goodness. Revisit your favorite ice cream fantasy with our Mint Chocolate Chip RockinDrops flavor drops. Mojito Treat your taste buds to an invigorating summer blend of freshly mashed mint, hand squeezed lime juice, sugar, and rum. Perfectly tart and tangy, our mojito RockinDrops flavor drops will transport you to a poolside paradise any time of the year. Molasses Add the flavor of black strap molasses to virtually any creation with our molasses RockinDrops. Sweet meets mildly bitter in a collision of flavor for fudge, desserts, drinks, and more. Oatmeal Cookie Brown sugar, oatmeal, and cinnamon fuse together to form the oven-fresh taste of our oatmeal cookie RockinDrops. No need to rob the cookie jar. Orange Close your eyes and bask in citrus bliss when you add a drop or two of orange flavored RockinDrops flavored drops to your favorite recipes. Add to sweet desserts for a heavenly citrus blend of chocolate and orange, or add to your dinner dishes to create a chicken or beef recipe simply to die for. Orange Cream Crisp, juicy orange fuses with mountains of cream in the ultimate dreamy flavor that’s set to send your tastebuds begging for more. Our Orange Cream RockinDrops have that timelessly addictive orange cream flavor you love in magical drop form.  Passion Fruit Bathe your tongue in pure passion with the sweet tangy taste of Passion Fruit RockinDrops flavored drops. Add to a variety of dishes to create a unique flavorful blend worth savoring. Peach Nothing beats the taste of peaches plucked fresh from the orchard. Experience the juicy, in-season taste of ripe peaches year round with our Peach RockinDrops. No slicing required.  Peanut Butter Get your taste buds ready for the robust earthy flavor of roasted peanuts with our peanut butter RockinDrops. Flavor your smoothies, candies, and more without the guilt and calories. Pear  Pair our pear RockinDrops flavor drops with your favorite foods for an orchard-fresh taste that sends you into fruity heaven. Fresh picked flavor and juicy bliss have never been closer than right now.  Pear Candy Tickle your taste buds with the sweet blissful taste of pear candy RockinDrops flavor drops. A tantalizing blend of sweet and tart pear  swirls with yummy candy to create a juicy, delicious flavor perfect for a variety of dessert recipes. Pecan Revel in the earthy goodness of pecans plucked from the tree and shelled fresh at just the right time. Our customers are nuts for our pecan RockinDrops in fudge, pies, and more. Peppermint Get ready for a cool, minty ride with our Peppermint RockinDrops. Crushed peppermint flavor turns any creation into a smooth peppermint party for your tastebuds. Pie Crust Sometimes the best part of the pie is the crust. That's the inspiration behind our pie crust RockinDrops flavor drops, featuring the homebaked flavor of flaky, buttery pie crust baked to perfection and left cooling on the window sill. Pina Colada It’s a luau every night with our Pina Colada RockinDrops. The sweet flavor of pineapple infused with the dreaminess of coconut cream brings tropical goodness to everything from fudge to hard candy. Grass skirts, coconut bras, and rum are optional. Pineapple Send your taste buds on a tropical sabbatical with our pineapple RockinDrops flavor drops. Sweet and tart tropical flavor adds the blissful taste off of pineapple to your sweet and savory dishes. Pistachio We bottled the sweet, rich, earthy taste of pistachios harvested at the peak of perfection into our pistachio RockinDrops. Every drop takes your mouth to pistachio heaven for a few seconds (with no need to drag out the nutcracker). Plum Savor the sweet juicy taste of delectable plum RockinDrops flavor drops. Simply add a drop or two to your dishes to create a tantalizing blend of juicy flavors. Pomegranate Tickle your tastebuds with our Pomegranate RockinDrops. Our drops feature the tart and tangy sweetness you love in a handy drop format you can enjoy anywhere. Sharing is optional; we won’t judge.  Pomegranate Deluxe Experience the tangy tartness and robust sweetness of our Pomegranate Deluxe RockinDrops. These flavor drops have a super intense pomegranate flavor to make your tastebuds wake up and take notice.  Popcorn It doesn't have to be movie night for you to enjoy the buttery rich flavor of our popcorn RockinDrops. Just a drop or two provides that indulgent straight-from-the-popper taste you love, big screen optional. Praline Fresh cream fuses with brown sugar and pecans in our praline RockinDrops flavor drops. Our drops tempt your taste buds with enough Southern charm to make your tongue wanna slap your granny. Pralines and Cream Tease your taste buds with the sinful combination of golden caramel merged with vanilla bean and pecans with our pralines and cream RockinDrops. Indulge, we totally understand. Pumpkin Creamy pumpkin cooked to perfection and fused with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Our pumpkin RockinDrops are harvest-ready year round. Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin obsessed? So are we. That's why we find any excuse possible to add our pumpkin spice RockinDrops, with their cinnamon, nutmeg, and creamy pumpkin flavor profile to every imaginable food under the sun. Challenge accepted? Raspberry Close your eyes and savor the deliciously tart flavor of ruby red raspberries on your tongue when you add a drop or two of our raspberry RockinDrops flavor drops to your favorite drinks and desserts. Raspberry flavored drops are perfect for sweet drinks, defendant desserts, or savory meals. Red Energy Drink Get all the flavor without the caffeine side effects with our Red Energy RockinDrops. These yummy drops pep up your day with their berry yumminess in everything from smoothies to cake batter. Red Licorice Savor the sweet confectionary taste of your youth with these Red Licorice RockinDrops flavored drops. Add a couple drops to your favorite dessert dishes to give them the undeniable taste of summer any time of the year. Rice Crunchies Put some snap, crackle, and pop into your day with our Rice Crunchies RockinDrops. Inspired by your favorite Saturday morning breakfast cereal you enjoyed as a child, these flavor drops add a fun flavorful touch to everything. Ripe Banana You'll go apes over the delicious sweet taste of our ripe banana RockinDrops flavor drops. Add a drop or two to sweet desserts or drinks to make your taste buds monkey around in bliss. Rockin Juice Party like a rockstar - and roll like an MVP - when you use our Rockin Juice RockinDrops flavor drops to flavor your food and drinks. These fruity drops put the cool factor into your gelato and move frosting and other goodies into VIP status.  Root Beer Put a little sass in your day with the burst of sarsaparilla you get in our root beer RockinDrops. Frosty mug and scoop of ice cream optional. Root Beer Float Old-fashioned root beer topped with a scoop of hand-churned vanilla bean ice cream. Our root beer float RockinDrops leave you envisioning the long-gone days of stopping by the soda fountain before heading out to the sock hop. Ruby Red Grapefruit Revel in the juicy tart taste of Ruby Red Grapefruit RockinDrops flavor drops. A single drop or two of this tangy sweet citrus flavoring adds a delectable summer flare to your favorite desserts, drinks, dinner dishes, and more. Spearmint Savor the cool, delicious freshness of spearmint RockinDrops flavored drops when you add them to your hot drinks or dessert dishes. This refreshingly minty flavor is sure to leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth that is as cool as it's refreshing. Strawberries and Cream The juicy red sweetness of plump summer berries swirls in decedent cream to create a delectably creamy dream simply to die for. Add a dash of Strawberries and Cream RockinDrops flavor drops to your sweet desserts, candies, drinks, and more for a summery treat that will have you licking your lips all year long. Strawberry Vine-ripened strawberries plucked fresh from the farm – that’s the taste you’ll experience with every drop of our Strawberry RockinDrops. Savor the tongue-slapping flavor in baked goods, candies, drinks and more. Strawberry Kiwi If a plump strawberry had a baby with a juicy kiwi, our Strawberry Kiwi RockinDrops flavor drops would be the result. This tantalizing flavor features a blast of strawberry goodness infused with kiwi for a sweet, tangy taste that’s refreshingly delicious.  Swedish Gummies Let the sweetness of your favorite candy dance on your tongue when you add a drop or two of our Swedish Gummies flavored drops to your dessert dishes. These delectable flavored drops are perfect for giving cookies, fudge, or even hot cocoa that delicious Swedish Gummies flavor you love. Sweet and Tart Sweet meets sour in this mouthwatering blend that tantalizes the senses. Sweet and tart flavors swirl together to create the perfect balance of contrasting flavors. Add a couple drops of our Sweet and Tart RockinDrops flavor drops to your dishes to kick them up to a whole new level. Tangerine Kick your favorite recipes up a notch with the sweet and sour citrus bliss of our Tangerine RockinDrops flavor drops. Add a splash to your iced drinks, smoothies, or summer recipes for a citrus twist that brings sunshine to your mouth. Tiramisu Buttery ladyfingers topped with Italian custard, mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and freshly whipped cream. Our tiramisu RockinDrops are an indulgently sinful treat your taste buds won't soon forget. Toasted Almond The toasty goodness of almonds in a go-anywhere drop format. Rich, earthy, and nutty, these RockinDrops will drive your taste buds nutty. Toasted Marshmallow Experience the roasted, toasted taste of marshmallows melted to perfection over an open campfire with our marshmallow RockinDrops. These flavor drops are like summer camp for your taste buds. Tropical Punch Give a punch to your drinks, smoothies, and more with our tropical punch RockinDrops. Wild berries mingle with tropical fruits for a taste sensation that's fruity and fun. Tutti Fruity Make your taste buds sing like Little Richard when you add these fun Tutti Fruity RockinDrops flavor drops to your recipes. Sweet fruity flavors rock n roll on your tongue, blending with ingredients to create rollicking dishes you won't soon forget. Vanilla Bourbon Bourbon merges with smooth vanilla in our RockinDrops vanilla bourbon flavor drops. Sweet and sassy, these drops add zing to your smoothies and unexpected flavor to frosting, cake batter, and more. Vanilla Butternut A comingling of vanilla bean and dairy-fresh real butter goes into our luscious vanilla butternut RockinDrops. These flavor drops bring two comfort flavors together like a favorite blanket for your mouth. Vanilla Cupcake Bring the ultimate comfort food home with our vanilla cupcake RockinDrops. Each drop contains the creamy vanilla flavor and rich homemade frosting taste you crave, minus the wait or the trip to grandma's. Vanilla Swirl Envision velvety vanilla custard, swirled to sweet perfection, tantalizing every tastebud. Our Vanilla Swirl RockinDrops flavor drops are like liquid comfort food for the soul. Vanilla’s never been creamier. Waffle Don't bother with the waffle iron; enjoy the fresh-baked taste of buttery waffles topped with oodles of maple syrup with each use of our RockinDrops waffle flavor drops. Whipped cream is optional, but we won't judge. Watermelon Our Watermelon RockinDrops flavor drops are always in season. Wrap your tastebuds around the yummy sweet taste of fresh vine-ripened watermelon with not a seed in sight. You’re welcome.  Whipped Cream Mounds of fresh cream infused with sugar and whipped to perfection. Float away on a dreamy cloud of sheer goodness with every use of our RockinDrops whipped cream flavor drops. White Chocolate Float away on a cloud of creamy white chocolate with our white chocolate RockinDrops. Premium white chocolate surrounds each tastebud in bliss-filled decadence. Wild Cherry Savor the sweet and tart taste of wild cherry RockinDrops flavor drops when you add a drop or two of our delectable flavor drops to your dessert dishes. Combine delicious and fruity wild cherry to familiar flavors like chocolate or combine with chicken for a truly unique blend of flavors. Wintergreen Sweetness and cool mint combine to create a fresh, delicious flavor that leaves your taste buds singing for more. Our wintergreen RockinDrops flavor drops are perfect for adding a cool bite to desserts, drinks, and more.

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